Margery Wood and The North Downs Trail

We were off to a late start. The plan was to do the Norths Down Ridge Circular Walk but we ended up exploring on our own, getting lost in the process and using the GPS on the phone in the end to find our way back. Nevertheless, it was a really beautiful day and we did end up with a walk longer than we had planned/anticipated.

We started off at the Margery Woods Car Park and headed off to the Margery Woods. Bluebells, more bluebells! As we walk through the woods, we then come across the bridge over the motorway.


More Bluebells


Cross the bridge and a few trees, you come across this beautiful view of open skies and the green slopes of Colley Hill. This is where we ditched the Norths Down Ridge Circular Walk trail and headed down to the North Downs Way trail on the right, we weren’t aware of that at the time.


The path was filled with Dandelions, Wild flowers and rabbits.


In the end, it was another beautiful day in the Surrey Hills.


A short hike on Leith Hill – a spring delight

Spring is nature’s way of saying, ‘Let’s party!’ – Robin Williams

It sure felt that way when we went up to Leith Hill for a hike this beautiful spring day.

Leith Hill is in the Surrey Hills which is towards the south west from London. It’s not just a beautiful place for short hikes for beginners like myself but also a delight to the eyes in spring. For those who are suckers for history (or watch/follow the TV show “Vikings”), this is where Ethelwulf defeated the Danes in 851 AD.

There are 4 trails that you could follow:

  • Woodland Trail (Orange)
  • Etherley Loop (Purple)
  • Heathland Trail (Green)
  • Frank’s Walk (Pink)

From the car park, we headed over to the summit, where there is the Leith Hill Tower and from there we started our hike after spending some time enjoying the view from there and some refreshments. We took the Woodland Trail which is 2.5 miles and all along the trail we could see the ground covered with beautiful Bluebells.

It was a day well spent amongst nature!

“I took a walk in the woods and came out taller than the trees” – Henry David Thoreau

The Leith HIll Tower
View from the summit