Minimalist Experiences

The Train Ride

Taking the London Overground service from Clapham to Whitechapel, as people got on and off the train at their stations, 1 thing remained common – Mobile Phones! Everyone was chained to their phones, modern day slavery, mostly looking down, staring at their enslaving screens, the rest with their earphones plugged in. Glad to see one person break the oneness, she happened to be reading a book!


Shine On You Crazy Diamond

Remember when you were young… well, Pink Floyd never gets old. Sitting at my desk at home, working, auto-playing music in the background. Then “Shine on you crazy diamond” comes on, and that moment takes me someplace else. Isn’t this bliss? I take a break while it plays, just to listen.

Shine on you Crazy Diamond

I Had A Dream

I had a dream last night, or maybe this morning, I am not sure. It was an interesting one, so much so that I made a mental note when I thought I was half awake that I would have to write about it when I am out of bed and had had a cup of coffee. It really was that interesting. Now I sit down to write about it, I have no recollection whatsoever of it, none. I recall it being as clear as a bell. Or was the dream just about me having a dream and going to write about it?


As I lay there…

A long drive later, to come up to this place, a wonder, I must say. We had arrived at the hot water beach in the Coromandel Coast. Rented a spade, dug a pool that had already been dug to make more room and then later acquired a much larger pool, one of the largest ones in the beach. And as I lay there, the warm water, the cold beach on one side, the mountains and bushes on the other, I realised I could lay there and be at peace. The world could have been at war, I was in peace, in peace with myself, in a world of my own.

Hot Water Beach